Sarah Heath

Adoptee: Sarah Heath

Date of adoption: Oct-92

Place of adoption: JJingsu Province, Changzhou CWI

Adoptee: Celena Kopinski

Date of adoption: Dec-92

Place of adoption: Jingsu Province, Changzhou CWI

Sarah Heath and Celena Kopinski

Sarah Heath, 27, grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. Celena Kopinski, 27, grew up in New York City.

They never knew of each other until a chance encounter at Georgetown University, where Sarah was attending college, changed their lives. There was nothing simple, or fast, about what followed.  It took four years, a missed Facebook message, bad timing and, eventually, a DNA test, before their story began to unfold.

What did they learn? They are twins.

Here, Celena and Sarah tell the story of the bond severed early in their lives and the bond they are forging now. They talked with Our China Stories at Celena's office in midtown Manhattan. You can watch a video of their interview here.

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